Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Actually, I have completed a few pieces since I posted last. This one though is the biggest in a while. A whopping 16" x 20" canvas acrylic available on eBay currently. I finally got my gardens all cleaned out and they are fed as well. So I am good until next year. It was about 3 days of pretty tough work but it's finished. Yeah! Now I have a ton of planting and transplanting to do. But that's is usually pretty fun and much quicker for me. Now on to cleaning this messy house and getting ready for the ren fair coming up. But I better head off to bed now. Been up late doing chores and errands and listing an item. TTFN!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I got another ACEO done today. I am so inspired by fantasy art and always have been even as a child that I just love to paint it. With fantasy there are no rules. You are just painting a dream-like world...your dream-like world. Perhaps a small glimpse of heaven or what one might imagine it to be like.

I will be doing a few more coming up here. Perhaps in other colors. I think the green is pretty cool as I found the inspiration here on the web. But I think to make a whole rainbow would be an awesome idea. I won't be able to offer the originals as a set but would be available that way with prints. Anyway, here's me babbling again.

I'm going now to list this on eBay and off to the great outdoors to clean more gardens now that it's not raining today. :o) TTFN

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Hey, a big "Happy Mother's Day" to all you mom's out there today. :o)

I stayed out here at my mom's over the weekend with the kids like I do sometimes. So we blessed her with a house full. Plus, yesterday we had another open meeting for our Renaissance Faire we put on so it was busy between doing that yesterday and running all over for Mother's Day today.

For Mother's Day today we went up north to a rather large greenhouse we visit every Mother's Day so I can spend way too much money (lol) and also buy my mom her gift. She always picks out a hanging basket of her favorite flowers. The prices are awesome compared to the more local greenhouses because they grow their own and also do distributing to others as well. So it really is best to be able to buy direct.

After that my brother, his fiance, and the 3 kids came out here to visit and drop off some gifts and after they left it was off to grandma's house to drop off flowers for her and then back to the house because company was coming again. Anyway, it was fun but tomorrow it's back to cleaning and painting at home.

Now that I got new plants to play with and gardens still yet to clean I am tempted to be outside mostly. But I still have ideas I want to put down with my paint brush.

I know I won't be painting for too much longer though before my big break comes up at the end of May beginning of June.

I am a big part of the Olde World Renaissance Faire here in Twig (see link at side) that was started by my parents 5 years ago outdoors and we always have many projects and chores before it starts. We are swamped with errands from Tuesday until Monday. Getting up early to move things, haul, shovel, rake, put up, lift, build, and so on and so forth and then go to bed real real late just to get up really early and start again. I'm so tired before it actually opens on Saturday morning that I could curl up and sleep all weekend and we are just beginning our weekend opening then. lol

But I know I'm needed and glad I can be of help of which we are always short of so it's that's why I'm so tired. It's just that for all the work I too would greatly like to be able to take a break and enjoy it a little. Oh well, some day.

I don't mean to sound at all like I'm complaining. It's just it's such a long and busy weekend for me to get through and I won't be able to paint and garden for a couple weeks up to the Monday after the faire because I'll be gone or resting. :o) But I will be back after that.

Anyway, enough of all that. I will be having a few more paintings coming up before my break so keep an eye out for them. Until then, TTFN.


Monday, May 5, 2008


Okay, so I was able to finish this ACEO today which I am happy about and it's now on eBay. I sort of was looking for it to look a certain way and it didn't really seem to go that direction. But I am pretty pleased as to how it turned out anyway.

It's titled "stained". Get it? :o)

I actually wanted to do the raven first as a study for the next one I want to try which is an angel. I wanted to learn how to paint the look of real stain glass...still learning that's for sure.

It was supposed to rain the last couple of days so I planned to stay inside and paint and it did nothing of the sort. So of course now that my hand is sore and needs a break and I want to be outside it will, or maybe it won't.

Anyway, just wanted to post the latest project and say it is "FINISHED!".



What's Next

I just wanted to post that I've now found the direction I am going with the next few projects. Let's just say there will be lots of colors and one would find it in a church window ;o).

Yes, stained glass! But not actual stained glass. Just acrylic paintings of stained glass images.

First up is a crow ACEO and to follow is an angel (not sure what size). I'm not sure if there will more to follow that or not. But I am working on the crow now hoping to have it done today and the angel will be up next.

I'd give you a peak but it's in the sketches stage and many things could still change so we'll wait until it's done, kay? TTFN!


Sunday, May 4, 2008


I finally have the window completed. Took a little time and thought as I have not painted a window for some time now but I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I have it listed on eBay at the moment under "thesilvergardens". Hope you all like it.

I am thinking the next window to hit the easel will be an all black or mostly black window with a moon. I'm not sure if I want it to be a black cat theme or a romantic theme. Still in the planning stages at this point and is a couple projects down the road yet.

I really want to get working on this idea for an angel I have and I might work on getting another raven ACEO done. All still in the thought process so it's a race to see what happens to hit the canvas first. :o)

Plus, I keep hearing the gardens calling but it still remains cold and wet outside. Yesterday was sunny but chilly and today is forecasted thunder storms...bummer. :o( Oh well, back to painting I guess while I wait for the weather to get a little better.

Looking at he radar it doesn't show much so maybe I will head outdoors after a bit. YEAH!!! Anyway, I think I'll cut it here for now as I'm thinking I should really get some more stuff done. Been painting so long that the house chores are now behind. But that's how it always goes for me. I finally got a dishwasher to help with some of it and I pay the kids a little to help when needed now that they aren't little babies anymore. But I still always have my share that collects so I better go. Thanks and God Bless everyone.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sneak Peak & My Gardens

Like I said in my last post that I will be doing a window...and so I am.
I wanted to give a little sneak peek of what is coming and let you know that this is what is currently on my easel (even thought I don't own one...yet ;o) ).

I know the picture isn't really great because we'll be saving that for the finished showing. I just wanted to give you a little peak and now I must close my studio door until it is finished. Watch your nose please.

It was raining all day yesterday and into the night so I must say that now that we have sun again this morning I am anxious to go out and play in my gardens. Which means painting isn't the thing on my heart at the moment. But I really want to get his window done as it is a space hogger in my already cramped studio/computer room/odds and ends storage room/everything else, well you get the picture. All spring long we've had precipitation of some sort mixed with cold days and very few warm days so I haven't gotten a chance to frolic in my gardens yet. The green little shoots are poking their noses out of all the dead vegetation so it needs to be removed soon or I'll have new plants in the way or cleaning which always makes it more difficult.

Here are some pictures of my gardens last year when they were at there peak for looking half way decent.

I love gardening and every year the gardens get bigger. These pictures were taken in mid June because after that the flowers fade out and things get a little unattractive as they age.

This is fun posting but I better get back to painting so I can go outside and play. lol Looking at these pictures makes me want to clean, clean, clean out there. Well TTFN.


Evening Majesty

Evening Majesty

Orca's playground

Orca's playground
Sold 4 x 6 OSWOA

Sea Of Dreams

Sea Of Dreams
Sold 4 x 6 Acrylic