Friday, September 30, 2011

Aaahh, Autumn

Now that the leaves are turning and the air is becoming cool and crisp I have finally found the time and the quiet (with the kids gone to school) to paint again and I'm loving it. I have so many wonderful ideas that I want to do and am really excited to be able to get the chance to paint them. I just completed two more ACEOs this week and want to share them here for any of you who may be interested. ;) They currently are on eBay but I will also be offering prints of these once the originals are sold.

Also, I wanted to share that I am now offering two different types of prints of each of my artworks. A standard print which will be all open editions, and a really high quality and much more expensive prints which all will be limited editions. The standard prints will not be as crisp in clarity nor in color as the high quality prints and so that's also why the difference in prices. So please keep an eye out for that when purchasing prints from me. If you have a request to get a certain print in high quality that is not offered just yet, please feel free to contact me and let me know.

Well, I hope you all are enjoying the Fall season as well...the colors, the smells, cooler temps, warmer blankets. I feel a bit sadden this year that summer is already over but I suppose with our cooler Spring, the summer felt rather short. But now that Fall has arrived, a new season to enjoy, I get to paint again. And with that, I best find my sketch book and my paint brush and be off to create yet another work of art.

TTFN, my friends!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First For 2011

I have finally completed my first work for 2011 and it feels so good to have it done. lol I really wanted to paint another unicorn since last Fall to add to my unicorn series and I have finally finished it today. It's currently on eBay for anyone who may be interested in it. ;)

This piece is title "Galaxy" being I wasn't sure what to do with the mane and tail until the idea of making them see-through with distant stars sparkling in them came to my mind...thank you God for such wonderful ideas. ;) I have to say a lot of my inspiration for my unicorn series comes from the wonderful and creative Bella Sara series that's been out for a while now. After seeing so many inspiring pieces done year after year by them I felt led to start creating a few of my own unicorns to offer to all you wonderful collectors out there. Plus, it helps I've had a life long passion for unicorns that started in my early childhood in the 80's. Unicorns were on everything back then!! lol I hope you all enjoy viewing the first piece of 2011. I will very soon be working on a few more pieces. I also just picked up a set of gouache paints and am anxious to start paint with this "new to me" medium.


Evening Majesty

Evening Majesty

Orca's playground

Orca's playground
Sold 4 x 6 OSWOA

Sea Of Dreams

Sea Of Dreams
Sold 4 x 6 Acrylic