Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tiny Sneak Peek

Okay, I know I've mentioned in my auctions on eBay that there is a new window coming up and so I am giving you a tiny sneak peek into my studio to glimpse it quick. ;) I know the picture quality isn't the very best but remember this is just a sneak peek. I will be taking plenty of good pictures when this 43 1/2" tall window is done. I also have plans for another one just as soon as this one is elegant black cat window. I also have plans for a few more ACEOs and a few canvases as well so keep posted or at least keep watching my listings on eBay.

If you see any art posted here that you may be interested in (though most are sold but please ask anyway) I can have professional quality prints made for many if not most. The prints I offer are not off a standard home printer but a high quality art printer that is just beautiful and without any pixels.

As for how things are going here, it's better. Though a bit cold now which turned quite fast though it has finally stopped raining. My husband has been hired for a full time job (in September) which has been a huge blessing though the pay is a bit lower than the unemployment was but we are managing just fine. We all have our health, food on our table, and joy in our hearts so I'd say things are just fine. I hope this posting greets you all as well with the same blessings. ;) I take courage in knowing that God is in charge over EVERYTHING and for those who love Him He sends His angels to keep charge over us. So I know all will always be well with us, even when it is time to leave this earth. And boy is that peace ever precious especially during these times.

But now that it is cooling off outside I am finding more and more time to pick up the paintbrush. I enjoy painting Fall scenes. The colors are so rich and the smells so good...apples with cinnamon baking, newly fallen leaves warming in the sunlight, the earth quieting as it's once again readying for slumber.

Well, I best be getting back to painting that window. Until, my next post, ttfn!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Trying a new style art

I know I am a bit guilty of not posting in a while...but I'm still here. lol And I've been painting too. I decided to try a new style of art recently...folk art. And boy am I truly enjoying it.

I do notice I tend to put a bit of fantasy in most my pieces though as that is my favorite all time style. I can't seem to help it really but I guess that makes my paintings more unique to others who also paint this similar form of art.

Like this 16 x 20 acrylic canvas here has a fantasy twist -

And I have a couple of new folk art ACEOs that have just been completed that will be listed on eBay possibly this evening. I have so many ideas with this new (to me) fun form of art that I don't know where it will end up taking me. I hope that you too will enjoy this journey. ;)

God bless!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Wow!, Time Flies. lol

Well, finally it's Spring and I'm loving the fact I can go back outside without freezing half to death and wading through knee to hip deep snow. I LOVE Spring. It's so very much my favorite time of year when everything renews itself and the birds are singing again and we can start to wear a little less weight in clothing. lol I like Spring best because it's not too hot like summer can get and the bugs aren't too terrible yet either...time to think of gardening again too.

I know it's been a while since my last post...partly because not too much has been really worth writing and I might have been preoccupied with a somewhat newer hobby of mine...maybe. Last May I started recollecting vintage 80's stickers from my childhood and became so involved in buying, collecting, and eventually reselling that it really took up all my time and I haven' t done any art (or anything else for that matter, lol) for a while. But being it took so much of my time I decided to put the selling and buying on a big hold to focus on gardening and arting once again (which I really miss painting. Heck, I bought over 20 canvases large and small last Fall and only touched 1. It's time again.). I also decided to take a break in art due to the fact that prices were falling terribly fast because of the economy and I felt I just couldn't be "giving" my art away as I am a stay at home mom and that's my only source of income. But I miss painting so much that I thought I'd give it a whirl again.

Yeah, I can't believe there still is so much popularity in collecting stickers from the 80's. I managed to aquire a huge collection in under a year and become a powerseller on eBay by resselling the extra stickers I didn't want or need. I now have a shop on Etsy as well that I am currently selling but they don't go as fast so I thought I'd leave that shop running and not shut it down for Spring like I did on eBay. I added a link at the side there if you want to stop in Etsy and take a peek to see what I 've been doing while away from my art. :o) Here is a picture of some of my most prized unicorn collection as well. Unicorns were and still are my favorite stickers. I have a whole sticker album full of just unicorns now.

Also, times are a little different right now due to the fact that my hubby got laid off in December 4 days before Christmas which was a little hard but we are doing alright and making ends meet AND managing to stay a little ahead of the game as well. But I have my faith in the Lord to keep me going through all this right now...or I'da sunk a long time ago. lol I KNOW it's God keeping our heads above water and I thank Him for that. My hubby tried applying at a few different places (even Walmart for part time to help stretch out the unemployment) and we've heard nothing. Like I tell people "this is not the time to make your boss mad". lol Hang on to what you've got or ask God to find you new work but it's not easy right now on your own finding new work. I hope the economy is treating all you fine folks much better. I am encouraged to hear good news. So that's another reason that I will be help out around here. I know that being a powerseller for stickers sounds like that would help but it was volume of items sold ($1-$3 items) not volume in dollars. And buying more to keep people interested in coming back to see what's new took some of those profits as did fees and so on. I just got tired of it for now so it's Spring break time. We also have to get ready here for the big annual Renaissance Faire here so I just don't have the time to sit at my computer like I did over the winter. If I'm gonna sit I want to be painting.

Well, I should cut it short here. The warm and beautiful day is calling me outside and it's already 2:22 pm and I haven't been out yet. aaagghhh! lol I will try to be back more often and let you in on what's coming up for art and new ideas. As for right now I don't have too much in mind to share any sneak peeks.



Evening Majesty

Evening Majesty

Orca's playground

Orca's playground
Sold 4 x 6 OSWOA

Sea Of Dreams

Sea Of Dreams
Sold 4 x 6 Acrylic