Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Okay, So I've Been Away For Awhile

~ I know I haven't been keeping up on this blog. But I promise I will try harder know. lol The summer usually has me so busy that I can't find the time to do everything I need to do. This post I will show off some of my last pieces I missed posting when they were actually finished. Sowy sniff, sniff

I have a possible commission coming up next for me and after that...not sure yet. I entered a piece in the YBAC art contest on eBay (search YBAC ACEO on eBay). It's an ACEO group that I belong to that has a monthly contest and the most unique bidders on an auction entry determines the winner. So far I think I'm in first...for now. lol There is some pretty awesome art on there. Plus, I haven't done anything like this before and it's pretty fun. But I almost didn't get my entry in on time as I started it late then had a birthday party to go to and finally put it on after midnight my (central) time. Whew, close call! lol

I also entered at our local county fair this year. I wasn't so happy with the results as I brought in some pretty nice pieces and came out 3rd and 4th in my categories. There were a couple of really nice pieces from other artists that I was a bit nervous about but some was a little less not so and I lost to them as well. I figured the judging seemed to be determined by size for one and framing for two and not so much as quality and skill level. I was frustrated and confused. Oh well! It doesn't help that all the previous years I entered I got no lower than second and even brought home a few grand champions. But I really think the judging or the judge is different now as I haven't entered for a few years. My kids entered some items as well and got 3rd and 4th. I was pretty proud of them because they had some really good competition as well.

Right now my husband is on vacation so we've been pretty busy trying to get things done around here before he goes back. And at the moment we are having a new gas furnace installed to help with this winter's heating costs. Gas is almost 3-4 times cheaper than oil that we had previously. Though the furnace is pretty pricey we should actually be saving money by next year hopefully.

And the kids go back to school on the 2nd so it's pretty busy as summer winds down here. I kind of hate the thought of those long winter days on the way. I like being able to go outside and not be chased in because of a frozen nose. lol!

Anyway, I think I shall end here for now as I am off to go relax before I have to get more done. TTFN!

your friend in art,

P.S. I did finish the angel...look below. :o) I think I might do another but human figures are not easy for me.

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Evening Majesty

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